United Way Celebration

IUB raises over $800,000 for 2018 United Way campaign

One by one, children in matching red T-shirts stepped forward to share the Girls Inc. Bill of Rights. The first child came forward and confidently faced her peers while community volunteers, agency representatives, and donors who had gathered for the 2018 United Way of Monroe County campaign celebration looked on. “Girls have the right to … be themselves and resist gender stereotypes!”

The 2018 campaign celebration is annually co-hosted by Indiana University Bloomington. IU Bloomington is United Way of Monroe County’s largest supporter. IU faculty and staff raised $808,680 for the 2018 campaign—60 percent of the overall total of $1.2 million. In addition to supporting 25 member agencies, including Girls Inc., United Way of Monroe County supports 15 community programs that touches one in three lives in Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties.

Volunteers mingled with nonprofit and community leaders alongside IU Bloomington faculty, administrators, and staff at the campaign wrap-up, which this year took place March 28 at Hoosier Energy Headquarters.

Efrat Feferman, director of United Way of Monroe County, stood before the crowd to thank everyone for their hard work. She also shared the kinds of things people say to her when she wears her United Way shirt around town. “I hear things like ‘you guys helped me get into recovery,’ and ‘I was homeless, and you helped me get back on my feet,’” Feferman said, “It’s not me, it’s not our board members they’re talking about. It’s typically not one agency, either. It’s all of us they’re talking about. All of us who come together, united, whether you’re working at an agency or a collaborative initiative, whether you’re a generous donor, a dedicated volunteer, a workplace coordinator, a CEO who prioritizes giving back in your workplace, a community partner, or an elected official.”

Photos from the United Way Celebration.

In 2018, 1,477 IU Bloomington employees donated to the campaign, including 268 Vanguards, those who donate at least $1,000. Young Leaders, individuals or couples under 40 who give $500 or more, increased from 20 to 26 IU employees. IU received one of five Community Builder Awards for being the largest campaign contributor this year.