Undergraduate Art

Art by three undergrads to join IU’s permanent campus collection

By Lana Spendl

Work by three Indiana University Bloomington undergraduate students will soon be added to the permanent campus art collection.

Art by rising sophomore Aaron Sizemore, recent graduate Cheyney Rose, and rising junior Aram Bea—all winners of IU’s 2019 Fine Arts Awards—will be on display in Maxwell Hall. Selected work remains in Maxwell permanently, peppering hallways and offices, in glass cases.

Pictured from left: Aaron Sizemore, Cheyney Rose, and Aram Bea.

Sizemore, whose winning entry is a tribute to the Rose Well House on campus, is majoring in metalsmithing. Sizemore is fascinated by the way metal’s durability contrasts with its malleability. “Rose Well House Ring” represents a campus landmark that Sizemore considers an unexpected treasure.

Rising sophomore Aaron Sizemore with "Rose Well House Ring"
Recent grad Cheyney Rose with "Screen Play"

In second place, Cheyney Rose’s “Screen Play” gives historic and erotic imagery a humorous twist and critiques the public’s consumption of pornography. Rose, a senior in photography, is interested in representations of the female form. She is curious about how choices that shape these representations limit the way the audience processes media.

Aram Bea’s “No. Anybo(d)y, A Portrait,” in third place, is an abstract self-portrait that represents the varied thoughts and struggles Bea faced while completing the project. Bea, who is pursuing a BFA in printmaking, is interested in how the self morphs across public and private settings.

Rising junior Aram Bea with "No. Anybo(d)y, A Portrait"