Sabrina Gasana

#5: Sabrina

Sabrina Gasana recorded a conversation with the Stories team during the African American Read-In at IU Bloomington's Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center on February 5, 2018.

Description of the video:

Okay, I have a friend. We've been friends since second grade, she's my roommate now. Just seeing her speak, it was just amazing because I was like, her struggles, whether it's her being biracial or just black in a community and politics and all that -- just seeing her speak, it was just so eye-opening. I was seeing all my friend just like go up there and just speak their mind, and I was like, that's so powerful and so courageous to do that, and I was like I want to keep attending, and maybe in the future I'll be able to speak up there sometime. But I just, it was just a great experience that I wanted to keep going. I say that a lot of knowledge comes from being-- educating yourself or having others help you learn and understand. I knew for me, it was  hard to get out of my comfort zone, so I was like, go with a friend. And after, I was like, I got more comfortable knowing like you're going to be uncomfortable during any of these situations because you don't understand or you don't like to bring it up. It's always nice to have that support system, have that friend to come with you. I like to keep involved to show well-rounded balance, just being sure I'm aware because there's always room to educate yourself that I want to be sure that I'm so involved with that. It helps to build a connection on campus because I'm making more friends. I'm still only a freshman, but it's great to have those older peers to help you, give advice. I feel like it's always -- networking is such an important thing because it does help you go far in life, whether through school, sports... They went through things, experiences, they might not be similar, but they can help you. And it's just an important thing to know, that there are people with you, and it's just important to network. 

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