Ally Sons & Keller Wason

#12: Ally & Keller

Ally Sons and Keller Wason discuss the impact that The Project School, a charter school in Bloomington, Indiana, has had on their lives.

Description of the video:

Did your parents sign you up for The Project School? Or did you find it and want to go to it?
My parents signed me up. And a few weeks after they were getting divorced, I went out to get the mail, and I was like, this has my name on it. I'm gonna open it. So I opened it, and I was like, "Why did you sign me up for a new school?"
Do you regret their decision?
No. I like this school way more than I liked my last school. So, you've been to a different school, right?
What grade did you go to that other school?
Was it as fun as school here?
What was one of the differences?
I really like art, so I was looking forward to that. But the art teacher was just- 
Not the one here.
Not here. -just flat out mean. If we didn't color the right way, she'd throw it in the trash and get us a new piece of paper and tell us to recolor. And if we didn't color the right way again, she'd throw it in the trash again. It was amazing.
What's another way that Ms. Sara's completely different from that old art teacher?
She's very open to anything.
Yeah. She also really seems to like beautiful oops, which is like when you "mess up"- I'm putting that in air quotes 'cause you can't see me.
She always finds a way to make it look beautiful.
When it's an oopsie doopsie.
What's your favorite memory at The Project School?
Well, I have a lot of memories.
But what's your favorite?
Okay, my favorite memory was probably- So, I'm- I really, really love acting. I didn't get to audition for Free to Be You and Me, but for Lion King, I actually got the lead part, which was really exciting. And there was this girl in our class. She really, really, really wanted the part of the main person, because she had grown up her whole life watching it. It meant way more to her. So my favorite memory, I would say, is probably giving her that part.
Oh, that's cool.
Sounds kind of selfish, but it felt really good to give it to somebody else, because I could tell she wanted it a lot more than I did. If you could change the schedule, what would you make it?
I would make it Passions first, so, then, after Passions, you can fake being sick to go home. And math would be at the end of the day, so then, like-
No, not math at the end, 'cause then you would go home only thinking about math. Extra arts. That's what I would change. I would get extra arts.
Extra arts?
And arts on Fridays.
Why arts?
Because we don't have arts on Fridays, and we don't have enough time for arts.
Do you like arts? No, I hate arts, and I want more time. Yes, I love arts.
Because I feel like it's not necessarily like- You can express yourself through that.
You can express yourself through writing, but you can't really through math. So.
Well, you could, like-
Just doodle all your numbers out. I'm artistic. That would be how you expressed your artistic ability.
Well, I mean, there's definitely a way to.
Yes, but-
There's gotta be a way.
Yeah, that'll be my next mission, try to find a way to express yourself through math. After you graduate from Project School, what high school are you gonna go to?
North. But hopefully we'll have a high school there in time. Project School High School.
Yeah, let's hope. Fingers crossed.
We could write a persuasive essay.
Yes, to Ms. Cathy. You should spend all your money on making sure we have a high school by the time Keller graduates.
Yeah, that'd be awesome.
Like, you've got two-and-a-half years. Let's start working.
Oh, yeah, two-and-a-half years! Man, I'm old.

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