Lilah Streiff

#10: Lilah

Lilah Streiff, a student at The Project School in Bloomington, Indiana, talks about the impact art and creativity have on her life.

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A do a lot of art with my family. So, my dad does a lot of woodworking. He's actually- I inspired him to make wands, 'cause I'm like, "For my birthday party, I want a Harry Potter birthday party."
So who's your favorite Harry Potter character?
I know my dad has convinced me that- My dad's absolute favorite character is Neville, 'cause he's a super, like, wimpy little ehh. And then he becomes really brave and stuff, and he really grows as a character. So I really like Neville, and I really like Luna. Luna especially, because she doesn't care about what other people think. She sees the world very- more deeply than I'd say anyone else does, at least at first. She has a better take on the world than most of the other characters. I love that she is willing to basically do anything, and she doesn't really care what other people think. That's one thing that I really like about Luna. 'Cause I'm not quite like that, But I think it would be cool to be like that. So we made wands.
It's funny, 'cause I kind of got him into woodworking a little more than he used to be. 'Cause I only had three friends, and he's like, I have to make 20 so all of them have options. And I'm like, well, if that's really what you want to do, okay. I mean, he's always been a very crafty person. He's always done woodworking before, but nothing quite like what he does now. He's recently been doing more spoons, 'cause my dad works at IU, and he works with a lot of international students. And apparently he said that one of the international students from- I'm gonna get the country wrong- where it's, like, a tradition to hit pans with wooden spoons. So he made her a spoon. And she loved it. So he's been making more spoons recently.
Let's backtrack a little and talk about Trashion Refashion. First, can you tell us what it is?
So, Trashion Refashion, as I said before, is a fashion show, and it's totally local. And it's based on using recycled materials. And they do it every year. I know I've done it three years in a row. The first year I did it, my dad made me a pair of wings that actually opened up. And it was super cool. And then the next year, my mom sewed me a dress, and we made these little foods to put on the bottom, and it was called Eat Off the Floor, 'cause they were like on the bottoms of the dresses. And then this year, my dad made me this thing called Woodland Warrior. And he made me this shoulder piece with antlers, and I had this spear that was made out of wood. And I had this dress with scales on it, and it was super cool. I actually got to wear the shoulders to my school picture. It was funny. Actually, my dad is super creative, and it's like right after this year, on the drive home, he was like, "Okay, what about next year?" So he can make ideas like right off the bat, and that's what he did, so I don't know where the idea came from. I know it's also kind of cool just to have, like, the same mindset, like, if I can explain an idea to my parents. So, I can explain an idea to my parents, and they'll understand what I'm talking about. I love having people I can connect with and, like, as I said before, I can share my ideas. And especially with my dad, he can help me get materials for things that I want to make. I'll make something out of wire that he'll get for me, and it's awesome.
So, what do you think? There are some kids out there who don't have access to art, don't have access to creativity. What do you think it brings to your life? What does it mean?
Well, there are certain subjects, like art and music, that some view as not necessary, but they really help you to learn just how to be a good person sometimes in other subjects, especially, I'd say, music. In learning to act, it helps me to learn how to be a better person in real life situations. Like, we've learned improv. And one of the rules of improv is called "yes and," which means, if someone else starts an idea, you have to go with it. And that's something that is really helpful in just day-to-day life, learning you don't always get your way. You should sometimes go with what other people think. And I think that music and acting and art and those subjects that are sometimes pushed aside are really helpful to just day-to-day life. 

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