Rohit Chandran

Growing up in Mumbai, Rohit Chandran had two passions — technology and soccer. Not much has changed.

Rohit earned his bachelor's degree in engineering with a focus on information technology from Mumbai University, where he played varsity soccer and served on the student committee of the Mumbai Chapter of the Computer Society of India — an organization that promotes the advancement of the theory and practice of computer science and IT.

The Computer Society of India plays an instrumental role in guiding the country's IT industry.

Description of the video:

Hi, I'm from Mumbai in India, and I moved to Bloomington about eight years ago. I used to be a very quiet person. In general, I would not talk to people a lot. I wouldn't really go out of my way to do things. There was this one guy in particular who I feel always made me feel even worse about it, whether it was just little things in school. I felt like he made the extra step to not have me included. So that was probably that one time when it was that way. A few years ago, probably the first time I came to Bloomington, it was a different place, totally different people. I came from a city with 20 million people, obviously in India, never really lived in another place. So it was obviously a challenge initially. There were times, I guess, when I felt like people would not get to know me only because maybe I was different, you know, just because I was from a different place. A couple of people I can think of have really gone out of their way to invite me over to their place for a meal or for some kind of social gathering. Even a small thing, like, hey, let's go get coffee. And we'll go for 20 minutes, get a coffee, come back. So like I said, it's the little things, but I think at least in my mind, they count. And I'd say I have, I still have a couple of colleagues who always do that. So it's great.

After graduation, Rohit moved to Bloomington and earned a master's degree in computer science from IU's School of Informatics and Computing. During grad school, he also taught introductory web development to freshmen and sophomores.

Rohit currently works as a senior developer at IU Communications, the university's marketing and communications agency. He helps build tools and services that not only assist clients on all university campuses and but also help enhance and strengthen the IU brand. Working at IU Communications has also helped Rohit make lasting friendships with people who value inclusion.

For Rohit, helping someone feel included is as simple as inviting them for a coffee break at Starbucks.