Culture of Care

Having the #CouragetoCare

Thousands of international students attend Indiana University each year. Join Culture of Care to help make IU home for each of them. Here are five tips to get started:

  1. Step out of your friend group and meet someone new.
  2. If you see someone being discriminated or harassed, have the courage to safely step up or report it to
  3. Pay attention to your environment, watch out for others, and help (directly or indirectly) when you see someone treated disrespectfully.
  4. Sign up for bystander intervention training to enhance your helping skills.
  5. Have the #CouragetoCare.
Culture of Care is a student-led, staff-supported initiative designed to foster Hoosier-to-Hoosier care in the areas of sexual well-being, drug and alcohol awareness, mental health, and respect.

IU is home for Fan Bu, Anushree Kedia, Atrayee Mukherjee, and Eric Gu—four international students who also work to make sure IU is home for others.